Pikcells RGB Lighting Demo




You can close this help section any time using the top right cross button


Use the controller on the right to change the scene lighting.

There are 4 lighting zones to control in this kitchen. Zone 1 controls the left pelmet light, Zone 2 controls the right pelment, Zone 3 is under plinth lighting and Zone 4 illuminates under the worktop.

After clicking the zone you wish to control, you can now turn on the light using the centre power button in the colour wheel, you can change the colour of the lighting by clicking on the colour wheel and change the intensity of the light using the horiontal bar at the top the controller.

Below the zone numbers are R G B and W options to set the lights to pure Red, Green, Blue and White.


Scene modes contain a number of preset lighting conditions. Clicking S1 will load scene 1. If you wish to store you own settings, make changes to your lighting, click P to the right of the colour wheel and click the scene button you wish to store your settings to. You can now recall these settings any time. (Refreshing the browser will clear your custom profiles)

Kitchen Switcher

You can switch between a Light or Dark kitchen by clicking the L and D buttons to the right of the colour wheel.

Time of Day

You can change the time of day by using the Day Mode and Night Mode buttons at the base of the controller.

Debug Menu

You can also load a debug menu which gives you control of each individual light. This is accessed by pressing the D button to the top right of the colour wheel. Pressing D again will close the debug menu.